What's Your Makeup Style?

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Our makeup choices are as varied as we are, and this can look quite different from person to person. With different color options available to us (and let’s not get started on makeup combos!) - the list of items in our makeup routine can go on and on when it comes to creating our unique makeup looks, which is very exciting actually!

We’ve  been watching what everyday makeup wearers  love, and it’s surprising to see the exciting ways makeup is worn interchangeably, and admittedly, we’ve learned a thing or two from prodding around. Many self- professed makeup  lovers have staples they can’t go without and this ranges from the full works, to as little as lip gloss and powders, and yep, you’ve guessed it, life-style plays a great part of what one’s makeup style looks like more than any other factor. 

So where does your makeup style  fit in on the makeup preference scale? Let’s read on to find out!

The Lipstick, powder, mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner lover:

Clearly, this group knows what they want with the selection of these essential pieces of makeup that’s needed to create a classic makeup look, which can also be played up or kept neutral depending on the color choice.

This combo works well for either casual or formal occasions and is super easy to maintain without the worry of having to touch up regularly, or set a full face of makeup which requires foundation, contour cream/powder and setting spray. It’s also a really popular option for hot climates as sweltering temperatures tend to cause liquid makeup to run.

 A fun fact about this group is that many used their lipsticks as blush and eyeshadow! How very thrifty and ingenious! This is an excellent choice for all age groups and we can’t emphasize how playing with color combos and techniques can really add drama and sophistication to your face by using these essential makeup pieces.

Lip gloss, face powder, and eyeliner lovers:

Okay, this group has spoken, and for them - less is more! They are the no-nonsense type who really need just a few great pieces of makeup in their routine, but still want to feel as though they’re wearing something and not stepping out bare-faced. Again, we found it fascinating that the age group with this preference ranged from teens to eighty-somethings and included students, busy moms, professionals, and retirees, so quite a number of us prefer this makeup style. 

Color choice plays a big part in creating the desired effect using this minimalistic makeup style and can create strikingly different makeup looks, so it does not have to be boring, especially with the plethora of shades, textures, and finishes of lip glosses available. Check out our amazing, highly pigmented, yet neutral lip glosses that are ideal for your minimalistic makeup look.

Full-faced makeup lovers:

The envy of all of us, clearly, this group knows what they are doing. They are the ones with all the gadgets and gizmos and creams and watching them apply makeup can mesmerize us like a good movie - grab the popcorn and have a seat while you enjoy some of your favorite YouTubers don their full faced glam look! To create a full-faced makeup look you’ll be reaching for your foundation, concealer, contour powder/creams, blush, highlighter- either liquid or powder, setting or compact powder, lipstick, eyebrow pencils, and the list goes on! 

No matter what your style, we have to admit, wearing makeup is self-expression and highly personal, and let’s not forget - lots of fun!

 For your makeup needs, we offer a wide variety of makeup that you’ll fall in love with, and love making part of your beauty routine. Check out our online store to see our new and deeply discounted products!


Featured Writer: Sophie L. Osborne

Sophie writes for Calizade Beauty as a beauty purveyor and is also a novelist specializing in literary fiction and self-help.

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