Fall 2021 Beauty Trends: Chic, Timeless & Elegant Makeup Looks To Try Right Now

 When it comes to beauty stalwarts, we all have some trusted glow-giving products ready for grabs no matter the season. Makeup is, after all a form of expression, rooted in self-love. However, as soon as the landscape turns into a red and orange galore, you might find yourself allowing the top fall beauty trends to live rent-free in your head - you are not alone. We’ve all been dreaming of our cold-weather sartorial and beauty upgrades. Luckily, this season has something for all your elegant needs. We rounded up the most noteworthy 2021 fall beauty trends and an array of shoppable options to add to your autumnal makeup arsenal.

 Top 2021 fall beauty trends

 Despite the ceaseless gloomy vibes of the previous year, each one of the top fall beauty trends of 2021 are infused with immense optimism, delightfully charming color palettes, and vivid flashbacks on the past decades. Arguably, elegant, chic, and timeless beauty looks have been adorning the faces of the entire beauty sphere, as a way to uplift our spirits and give us yet another reason to practice our self-care rituals every single day.

 For yet another season in a row, vegan, cruelty-free products soaked in inclusivity and diversity have been entrenched into the identity of every prominent makeup artist during the fashion month.

 If you are ready to adopt some of the most coveted beauty looks of the season, here is a recap of every trend you should put on your radar as well as our beauty product recommendations to achieve them.

Bold and Natural Matte Lips

As we continue down the path of old-is-new-again for yet another season, bold, alluring lips and soft matte hues offer just the right amount of luscious elegance. Hues of vivid, bright red, chocolate brown, cherry red, brick red, or even black and purple, like our Soft and Seriously Matte Lipsticks are absolutely populating the beauty world right now.

Model wearing Soft Matte Purple Haze lipstick from Calizade Beauty.

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Soft Matte Lipstick - Purple Haze


Calizade Beauty Red Lipstick, liquid lipstick, seriously matte lipstick, soft matte lipstick, marvelously matte lipstick, holiday, fall, vibrant red, bold red, sexy red, gift ideas, trending

Erdem, Bibhu Mohapatra, Vivienne Westwood

 Shop the look:

Calizade Beauty Soft Matte in Valentina, nourishing, vibrant red, moisturizing, fall colors trending, holiday, great gift idea

Soft Matte Lipstick - Valentina  



Calizade Beauty Seriously Matte Solid Lipstick, matte, full coverage, bold red, holiday color, fall color trending, great gift idea, great red lipstick

Seriously Matte Lipstick - Brick Red

Metallic Eyes

Bright and saturated or cool, cold tones, one thing is certain. Metallic eyes are back! We’ve seen a resurgence of shimmery eyelids throughout this year, but fall always permits us to go all-in with the colors. High-shine shadows might be a bit tricky to wear throughout the day, but likely, we have some tips for you.

 Bronzes and gold tones are the quintessential colors for those chilly, autumn mornings. Purple, black glitter, or silver, on the other hand, serve the most enviable afternoon and evening looks. If you decide to put emphasis on the eyes during the day, it would be best to keep your lips as neutral as possible.

Calizade Beauty My Bestie Eyeshadows, and Fab 5 Eyeshadow Palette metallic shimmers,

Tom Ford, Nicole Miller, Lutz Huelle

Shop the look:

 Calizade Beauty My Bestie Quad, Too Cute Metallic gold, shimmer,


My Besties Quads


 Calizade Beauty Fab 5 Eye shadow palette, shimmer, matte, bright vibrant, fall colors, eyeshadows for light skin tone, holiday, great gift idea

Fab 5 Luxe Eyeshadow Palette  

Edgy Eyeliner and Mascara Combo

Calizade Beauty Mascara, eyeliner, Lash Anthem mascara, bold eye look, fall eye trends, winged mascara


Certainly, trends are always in a constant rotation, however, it seems like punk-inspired eyeliner looks are somehow always incorporated into every fall beauty trends list. Dark eyeliner with a few coats of voluminous mascara, inspired by the 90s and the 60s Mod era might sound a bit overwhelming at first, however, it can definitely be a part of your everyday pampering sessions.

Combine your black eyeliner with a light pink, peach, or nude brown lipstick to tone down the entire look. Glossy, full-coverage lip glosses in neutral colors are also a fantastic idea.

Shop the look:

Calizade Beauty lash Anthem Mascara, long wearing no clumping, water proof, true black fall trends

Lash Anthem 4D Black Silk Fiber Mascara  




Calizade Beauty Dreamy Creamy Lip gloss, moisturizing, high shine, nudes, natural, all skin tones, fall lip gloss, holiday makeup trends

Dreamy Creamy Lip Gloss- Sweetness


Calizade Beauty Soft Matte Lipstick, frosted nude, fall colors, holiday, nourishing, moisturizing trending

Soft Matte Lipstick - Frosted Nude

 Top brow trends of 2021

Brow trends, bella hadid,

                                                     Bella Hadid

Straight and upward-facing eyebrows are dominating the entire beauty community right now. Consider it as a more sculpted and refined brow shape that’s lifted on the tail to create that dramatic cat-eye look.

 If you aren’t feeling ready for a major change right now, you can conceal the little fluffy hairs that are currently at the tail of your brows and fill, shape, and outline them with a 3-in-1 eyebrow pencil.

Shop the look:

3-in-1 Eyebrow Ensemble in Dark Brown

 Calizade Beauty 3-in1 Eyebrow Ensemble, fill, shape, and outline them with a 3-in-1 eyebrow pencil, fall trends, holiday, great gift

Remember, even though the top 2021 beauty trends are a fun way to experiment with your makeup looks, feeling comfortable and beautiful inside and out is the most important thing. At Calizade Beauty, we have an array of beauty products as well as accessories that will fit seamlessly into your daily beauty rituals. Scroll through our catalog to discover more vegan, cruelty-free, inclusive beauty products.


What are your fall go to colors? Do you go for a bold look, or do you prefer something more subtle, like nude shades? Please let us know in the comment section below!



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