Calizade Beauty Joins the Ranks of Major Beauty Brands with Metaverse Makeup Bundle NFT Debut

Calizade Beauty NFT: Metaverse Makeup Bundle.

There’s no escaping it, NFT’s are all the buzz in our tech community and they appear to be influencing the ever-evolving digital landscape, which seems to be changing faster than we can track.

While the relevance of non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) still remains ambiguous to many, as to how they actually fit in to everyday life, these quirky digital art-forms that make up the metaverse have managed to catch the attention of forwarding thinking digital collectors, and large retail brands alike.

Take for instance, the recent launch of NFT’s by leading beauty and cosmetic brands  (Clinique NFT, NARS NFT, and E.L.F NFT) The beauty industry is already on to this transcendent trend, claiming their space and making a splash into the metaverse .In this space, one can try on makeup, interact with friends, enjoy a virtual latte and watch live demos and more, all in a virtual setting.

So, what does this mean? Will this affect the way we shop? Will NFT's give some brands an advantage over those that cannot purchase real estate in the metaverse? Likely, and maybe, but we do know that NFT’s are relatively easy to create and worth making a few while it’s relatively simple to do so.

How serious of a thing are NFT’s and the metaverse? Are these passing fads or are we on the horizon of impending change? To better understand these questions, putting the spotlight on what notable brands are doing can give us a pretty good indication of where we are headed.  In other words, money follows what's trending and this is the direction that retail brands are headed.

The NFT frenzy isn't just attracting big name brands, smaller brands are also noting the value that digital art can bring to their brand, and are jumping in and taking advantage of this promising digital movement by launching their very own NFT’s.

The ambitious and promising indie brand, Calizade Beauty is a start-up owned by navy veteran, husband and wife duo who recently launched their Calizade NFT in the form of a makeup bundle titled, “Metaverse Makeup Bundle.” This bundle features limited edition makeup from their online store that will be available to all who purchase their NFT on OpenSea. Proceeds from the sales will go to charitable organizations supporting women and children, and homeless shelters. Interested art aficionados can find out more about Calizade Beauty’s NFT on their website.

In summary, as far as we can glean, NFT’s are here to stay. When used by brands they can  stand out in the crowded retail space by drawing attention  and bringing to the forefront their service or message. In other words, it puts forth the message of permanence, “we not only have a physical existence, but also a virtual and eternal one, in the metaverse.”


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