Calizade Beauty Official Launch

Calizade Beauty: Where Self-Love, Inclusivity & High-Quality Products Collide.

Calizade Beauty's line, inspired by timeless, chic, and diverse realness, is dedicated to modern women on a mission to success.

   There is a unique beauty found in each and every one of us. The type of beauty that cannot be defined, tamed, or replicated. Calizade Beauty aspires to be an interchangeable part of your everyday routine, offering an array of high-performing formulas to seamlessly fit into your self-care routine. For us, makeup is so much more than a finishing touch that adorns your daily ensembles. On the contrary, it's a beautiful way of enhancing all aspects of your natural beauty without overwhelming it.

    Calizade products aim to turn the mundane task of putting on makeup into a daily pampering session that uplifts and motivates. Cosmetics are deeply personal and rooted in self-expression. You might find yourself swiping a subtle layer of luminous highlighter on Monday morning, only to put your artistic skills to the test with a full-face of glam makeup by Friday evening. Unapologetic, feminine, bold, elegant, and playful, there are so many sides to every woman, and each one of them should be celebrated equally.

Calizade Beauty as a form of self-care

    Whether you prefer to put on a flattering matte liquid lipstick or a pair of dramatic lashes, makeup is motivational and inspiring. This much-needed me-time helps you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Consider using beautiful, ethical, fun, quality makeup and accessories that are high performing and affordable as a way to kick start a brand new day with a healthy dose of self-love. And remember, if practicing your self-care rituals makes you feel guilty in any way, note that when we take care of ourselves, it allows us to treat others around us with the same positive energy flow.

    Our newly launched collection is a celebration of quality beauty products that serve as modern, yet chic and timeless staples in every woman's arsenal. Vegan and cruelty-free, our virtual catalog offers a plethora of ethical makeup, beauty, and accessory options for the eyes, lips, and face.

Introducing our vegan, cruelty-free & inclusive beauty collection

 Lip products

    Calizade Beauty's lipstick and lipgloss collection has a diverse range of colors, ready to suit every skin tone with ease. Smooth and creamy soft matte lipsticks in 20 different hues, utterly pigmented liquid lipsticks, ready to take you from day to night with a quick swipe, natural-colored glosses that chance and flatter your barely-there makeup looks, and our highly moisturizing Rose Lip Balm series are ready to put back the fun into your daily beauty routine.

Discover Every Beautiful, Ethical, Fun Lipstick & Lip Gloss By Calizade Beauty 

Marvelous Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Calizade Beauty Liquid Lipstick Collection, long lasting, velvety finish, smudge proof, purple, red, brown, nudes, berry fall, holiday

Soft Matte Lipsticks

Calizade Soft matte, lipstick collection, vibrant colors, natural, nude, smooth, nourishing, hydrating, many colors,, purple, red, berry, pink, brown

Dreamy Creamy Lip glosses

Calizade Dreamy Creamy Lipgloss, shiny, full coverage, moisturizing, nude, pinks, natural, gift ideas, fall

Inclusive Eye products  By Calizade BeautyCalizade My Bestie Eye shadow Quad, vibrant colors, shimmer, mattes, nude, taupe, tan, brown, aqua blue, gold, holiday gift, fall, trending    Versatile eyeshadow palettes soaked in mattes, metallics, and more striking colors to upgrade all your future cold-weather looks can be found on our virtual shelves. Define, fill and shape your eyebrows with our 3-in-1 pencil, and put emphasis on your look with natural-length and faux mink lashes. The options are certainly in your favor. 

Calizade 3-in-1 Eyebrow ensemble, eyebrow gel, eyebrow pencil, for defined brows, brown, black, chestnut, amber, red heads, fall holiday, makeup looks

Calizade Beauty False eyelashes Estrella, cruelty free, vegan, 25mm, high quality, glamourous, holiday looks, makeup looks, gorgeous trending

 Luxe makeup brushes By Calizade Beauty

 Calizade Beauty Makeup brush set and makeup brush case, drab pink, vegan, cruelty free, great gift ideas, holiday gift

    Quality makeup products might be the base of every gorgeous look, however, the brushes you use to sweep, swirl, and blend your go-to formulas into place are equally as important. Browse through our collection of affordable makeup brushes to find the ones that meet your needs. Our beautifully packaged sets are vegan and cruelty-free and come in an array of sought-after colors and styles.

Calizade Beauty On The Go makeup brush set, vegan, cruelty free, soft fibers, luxury, good quality, great gift ideas for holiiday

    There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who feels and looks confident inside and out. Most of all, we are more than happy to be a part of your self-care journey and everyday ritual of getting ready. Be a part of our Calizade family and join our newsletter list for exclusive offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals.



Where do you get your beauty inspiration? What are your favorite must-have makeup essentials that's always in your makeup bag? We'd love to know, please share your thoughts below!


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