Colossal Brush Set

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We choose our brushes with you in mind! At Calizade Beauty, we understand the diverse needs of our valued customers, so we offer a variety of professional quality, vegan and cruelty free brushes to suit your needs.

What makes it awesome:
- Beautiful, high quality brushes that will help you primp like a pro
- Luxurious, soft, pampering fibers that feel great on your skin
- 100% vegan and cruelty free - we only use high quality, synthetic fibers
- Stylish, affordable brushes - because we believe everyone deserves to have great quality brushes at an affordable price!

This brush set is colossal in every way. Its subtle wooden marble-effect handles add an instant luxurious look and feel to these brushes. The soft and silky fibers on this brush are a customer favorite! Colossal brush set contains 14 essential brushes for seamless makeup application.

What you’ll get:

- 1 large powder brush with long synthetic hair
- 1 medium head powder brush
- 1 angled blush brush
- 1 highlighter brush
- 1 foundation brush
- 1 small angled fan brush
- 8 eyeshadow and eye detailing brushes
- Signature satin brush pouch

*Free gift (with Full Set only): Razzle Dazzle Makeup Bag

Colossal brush set also available in:
- 5 pc set of face brushes
- 8 pc set of eyeshadow and eye detailing brushes

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