The Makeup Industry, Mental Health, and Calizade Beauty’s Vision to Help Unite Both Movements

When  people come into contact with our brand, Calizade Beauty, our aim is to make them aware of their own beauty. Often, we've heard many people express how ugly they feel, or how awful they look with such ease, but when it comes to saying, I think I’m okay, I look cute, it’s as though they are embarrassed or don’t feel worthy of acknowledging what makes them special. This is  sad, and no doubt an unhealthy approach to seeing oneself. We believe as a society in general, we need to change negative self-talk, beginning with what we teach and tell our children. This issue goes beyond makeup, and as a beauty brand we hold a powerful platform when it comes to bringing awareness to self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love and we want to use it create a positive impact for all. 

My partner and I have spent more than a year coming up with ideas on how to approach this subject as a beauty brand, after all we are selling makeup which many  still associate with pretentiousness, and a  means to look like, or be  someone or something else other than oneself. Our aim isn’t to make customers- people look like someone else, but to provide the tools and means for all to enhance their own, unique beauty. After months of brainstorming, we came up with the song “Beautiful” which is a message to everyone, regardless of whether one wears makeup or not.

Our song, Beautiful, seemed so appropriate especially in our current climate where young people especially, struggle with self-image and feeling the need to be perfect. We want to let everyone know that they are beautiful the way they are - with or without makeup. We believe that when makeup brands, or any brand with a platform come together to support a powerful and much needed message, we can really get the ball rolling and get even more conversations started about self-esteem, mental health, and how our actions and words we choose affect others - both online, and in our daily physical interactions with each other.

As a newcomer to the makeup industry, we feel the need to spread compassion, kindness and to empower everyone we interact with. We are currently undertaking a few projects aimed at giving back to those in need. We mailed our first, Calizade Kindness box that is worth $500 in products to our very first recipient last month, and seeing the joy it brought to her was so very humbling and rewarding. Moments like this inspire us to keep doing more, when it seems so easy to quit amidst the competition. We remember our mission and why we’re doing what we do.

What we do is more than just sell makeup to people, it’s about connecting with the human spirit and doing, and spreading good. To those reading this, you never know how much you can impact someone’s day, or change their perspective of life by doing and saying kind words such as; thank you, you are a beautiful person or, you are worthy of respect, or holding the door open for someone. This is something we can all do, we can all be instruments of positive change in our society, kindness and compassion are contagious; let’s spread the good! 

We are also always looking to collaborate with brands and influencers with a similar mission, to raise awareness of mental health and self-esteem, so please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested! 

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